At Customer Direct, Business is Personal.

People do business with people they know, and more importantly, with people they like. This is especially true when it comes to customer service. The advent of new technologies and alternative forms of communication will never replace the feeling a customer has when they’re treated as a valued part of a business. We’ve put together 50 customer service tips to make your business more personal.

Customer Direct is in the business of people. From recruiting new customer service agents to handling all types of customer interactions, companies trust Customer Direct to handle the interpersonal transactions that drive their business.

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Our “Business is Personal Guidebook” consists of five sections, one for each of the customer service skills Customer Direct Provides: customer service, business intelligence, client success management, business continuity, and talent acquisition and retention. If any of these pieces is missing, a valuable opportunity to make a customer connection could be lost.

If you’d like a more personalized analysis of the current customer service you’re providing, contact us. We’re the best possible option to help you find a customized customer service solution that works for you.


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50 Customer Service Tips Download Cover

50 Tips To Make Your Business More Personal

Check out our Business is Personal Field Guide, with 50 tips to improve your customer service experience.