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Let us be available when you’re not.

Providing Your Customers With Every Opportunity To Buy

Customer Direct can be your complete customer care center during the times that are inefficient for you – Regardless of the time of day, Customer Direct acts as a natural extension of your business, providing a consistent customer experience that reinforces the quality of your brand.

Outsourced Sales Team

Our customer care agents offers customer service as diverse as your business; we support everything from sporting goods and shoes to industrial supplies and women’s clothing. Our thorough training process turns our agents into passionate experts on your brand and products.

Providing More Opportunities

Get more bang for your buck. Our specialists have the skills to tailor our sales process around your unique marketing programs. Our sales team prides itself on performance and following through on every upsell and cross-sell opportunity that has potential to improve your customer’s experience.

eCommerce Technical Support

As technology progresses and we see a shift in consumer purchasing behaviors, Customer Direct is well equipped to help your business transition into the e-commerce arena. Rest easy with complete back-end and front-end support of your ecommerce platform.

Focused on the Details

Don’t get bogged down by backorders and returns. Our experienced agents take a patient and delicate approach when dealing with customers who have issues with their purchases or need to make returns, so you can focus on growing your business.

Customer Care Customer Care

Supporting customers across a wide variety of industries with programs tailored to your business needs.

Tech Support Tech Support

Advances in tech often add another level of complexity. Our support ensures people can get back to enjoying the benefits of innovation.

Sales Order Processing Sales Order Processing

Our extensive sales training allows us to become the experts in your products and services.

Upsell Opportunities Upsell Opportunities

Our customer care specialists have the skills to tailor our sales process around your unique marketing program.

Lead Tracking & Management Lead Tracking & Management

From capturing contact information to converting the sale, our team helps you drive revenue.

Subscription Support Subscription Support

Focus on delivering a great product. Let our team manage the rest.

Customer Surveys & Analytics Customer Surveys & Analytics

Gain customer insights with custom phone surveys.

Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling

Increase your productivity by letting our team schedule your customers’ appointments and events.

Loyalty Programs Loyalty Programs

Start a new program, and we’ll support it with new member enrollment, membership rewards, and member support.

Backorder / Returns Backorder / Returns

Don’t get bogged down by backorders and returns. Let us handle them so you can focus on growing your business.

Business Process Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing

Scale your business without the risk of growing your workforce.

Create More

Our Proven Process

Our customer care and sales support agents give you the workforce you need to fill the gaps in your service and create more opportunities to sell. Our team is available nights, weekends, holidays, and any time your business needs a larger number of qualified agents. A partnership with Customer Direct is ideal for removing the risk of scaling your business to fit the current needs of your customers.

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