Technical Support

Helping Your Clients Adapt To Ever-Changing Technology

Specialized 24 Hour Support

We support a wide array of network and software systems. Our training programs are customized to your unique applications. Our highly-trained, friendly, technical specialists are ready to provide the best possible multi-tiered technical support service for your customers, 24 hours a day.

Workflow Ticketing System

The secret is in our customer interaction workflow ticketing system. Each unique customer interaction is captured, including escalations, to build specific reporting, identify trends, and assess the performance of your technology. That newfound business intelligence can then be used to improve your business and reduce the number of customer tickets.

Customer Care Customer Care

Supporting customers across a wide variety of industries with programs tailored to your business needs.

Tech Support Tech Support

Advances in tech often add another level of complexity. Our support ensures people can get back to enjoying the benefits of innovation.

Sales Order Processing Sales Order Processing

Our extensive sales training allows us to become the experts in your products and services.

Upsell Opportunities Upsell Opportunities

Our customer care specialists have the skills to tailor our sales process around your unique marketing program.

Lead Tracking & Management Lead Tracking & Management

From capturing contact information to converting the sale, our team helps you drive revenue.


Focus on delivering a great product or service. Let our team manage the day-to-day needs of your subscribers or members.

Customer Surveys & Analytics Customer Surveys & Analytics

Gain customer insights with custom phone surveys.

Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling

Increase your productivity by letting our team schedule your customers’ appointments and events.

Business Process Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing

Scale your business without the risk of growing your workforce.

Understand Your Customers' Needs

Our Proven Process

Customer Direct’s advanced workflow, ticketing system, and business intelligence platform offers a unique insight into your customers’ technical challenges. Whether you're trying to decide what new features to add to your product or monitor for performance issues, you are given a clear understanding of what your customers want.

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