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The team at Customer Direct takes pride in being a boutique contact center that builds custom solutions for unique brands. We take the time to learn and understand your business to develop streamlined processes that increase consistency, accuracy and productivity while delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Our Implementation Processes


Business Discovery

We Understand The Nuances Of Your Business

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Custom Workflow

The Most Effective and Efficient Way to Consistently Meet Your Needs

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Systems Integration

Open Systems and Easy Access to Data with a Comprehensive Telecom Strategy

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Report Building

Specific To Your Unique Business Needs

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Staffing Plan

We Find Agents That Align With Your Brand

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Training & Quality Monitoring

Quality That Exceeds Our Client’s Expectations

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Business Discovery

Understanding the Nuances

During the onboarding process, we sit down with your team to understand the nuances of your business and its unique needs.

Custom Workflow

Effective and Efficient

After the discovery phase, our expert customer service managers and workflow engineers use our proprietary workflow management software to develop and implement the most efficient and effective workflow strategy.

Systems Integration

Open Systems & Easy Access to Data

Our technical engineers will work with your systems admins and/or IT staff to quickly integrate Customer Direct’s workflow tool and deploy the telecom strategy that’s right for your business.

Report Building

Unique To Your Business

After specification of your unique reporting needs, Customer Direct will capture all call record statistics and key performance indicators, including quality and performance metrics and make them available via a web-based reporting platform.

Staffing Plan

Finding The Right Agents

Customer Direct’s Human Resources department develops unique hiring profiles for each of its Clients. Our agents are carefully selected based on behavior, education, experience, skill and a desire to help others.

Training & Quality Monitoring

Quality Control Standards

Customer Direct offers a customizable quality assurance program to meet each client’s needs. Quality control standards and statistical process controls are put in place based on your requirements.

Program Management

Meeting Cadence

After client onboarding and systems integration, we work with your team on an ongoing basis to continuously improve your brand’s customer experience. Depending on your company’s requirements, to discuss your reports, review your business needs, and calibrate our responses to ensure all of your customer experience needs are met.

KPI Review & Action Plans

Review of Key Performance Indicators is a cornerstone of our regular meeting agenda. Service Levels, sales performance, resolution rates, efficiency, quality…these are the types of metrics that we build and monitor for your business. In our meetings, we talk about the experiences behind the numbers, what they mean for you, and what action plans we need in place to take those numbers where you want them.

Customer Observation & Calibration

Staying on brand and delivering the quality customer service your clients have come to know and appreciate takes constant attention and upkeep. At Customer Direct we calibrate our agents responses on a weekly and monthly basis. Focusing on core KPIs established by you and your success manager, we pinpoint key customer interactions to review with you in order to find areas for improvement and recognize areas of success. Of all the customer interactions that are recorded, we focus on reviewing the ones that provide the most value and insight into your business.

Continuous Improvement Opportunities

We keep a pulse on your business to make sure we are staying on message, delivering requested service levels, and staying up-to-date on all opportunities to improve your customer experiences. Beyond your standard business requirements, we are always analyzing customer experience information and looking to improve customer satisfaction, uncover new opportunities, and increase efficiency.



From our call quality measurements and extensive sales training to our client-driven key performance indicators, our proprietary workflow management tools are built to deliver consistent, quality results.



We developed an ongoing training platform designed to educate our agents on our systems and processes called Customer Direct University. In this program, Customer Direct works closely with our clients to create training curriculum to educate agents on the nuances and intricacies of the business and brand they are going to be supporting.



From our extensive network of work-from-home agents to our seasonal/intermittent workforce solutions, we’ll make sure you have all the agents you need to deliver genuine, excellent customer service for every interaction.

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