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Providing 20 Years of Call Center Outsourcing Expertise

As the world is becoming more connected, customer needs are evolving. The modern customer experience is now a reflection of the brand as a whole, so companies that are looking to improve their image and service offerings should look into call center solutions that allow them to focus on their core business while an outsourced partner takes care of the rest!

The team at Customer Direct is well-equipped to handle the customer satisfaction and business processing needs of any industry. Over the past 20 years we have established ourselves as leaders in all types of cost-effective inbound call center services for the following industries:


As a natural extension of your business, we take the time to learn your business inside and out so that we can deliver the voice of your brand to capture reservation opportunities and boost conversion rates.

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We can offer your business the flexibility to only pay for labor when it is needed, allowing you to be able to absorb spikes in call volume seasonally, during and even after hours. We specialize in up-sells, cross-sells and web shopper conversions.

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Subscriber/Member Support

With specialized systems to manage subscriber/member databases, outsourcing customer service to Customer Direct can help streamline fulfillment while delivering high quality customer care.

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Technical Support

Advances in tech often add another level of complexity. A multitiered tech support help desk is designed to reduce the number of customer issues. Our highly-trained, technical specialists are ready to provide the best possible service for your customers.

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We take care of patient support services such as in-room tech support, post-stay wellness follow-ups, and more. That way, you can not only continue to care for your patients but also drive efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.

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Why Outsource Customer Support?

While simple tasks can be automated by technology, human interaction and empathy are becoming more important than ever in the customer service industry. However, not every company has the expertise or staffing to manage the high level of communications across all the different channels their customers can interact or engage with them.

Whether you’re a small business or a large e-commerce corporation, partnering with an experienced customer contact center can take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your core business needs. Plus outsourcing companies provide numerous cost and innovation benefits while improving the customer experience, thereby, enhancing your overall brand image.

The right call center outsourcing company, like Customer Direct, will be able to handle customer service calls on your behalf, expertly answer questions about your products, increase lead generation through cross-selling and up-selling, help resolve customer complaints in real time and provide feedback so that you can use it to improve your service offering.

  • Lower cost of service
  • Easily scale your service offerings
  • Expand into new product territories
  • Break down language barriers
  • Never worry about call center employee retention


Our expert call center agents learn and understand your brand’s unique voice and customers’ needs.

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Business Processes
Outsourcing (BPO)

Scale your business with ease or streamline your internal process by taking advantage of our expert workforce.

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Understand the market research and metrics that bring real insight into what your customers want and how they think.

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Business Platform

Seamless brand communication across every channel and in every interaction. Our omnichannel solution includes voice, email, chat, text, and social media.

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24/7 Bilingual Services

We have live bilingual agents on staff that deliver sales, customer care, technical support and back-office operations via voice, chat, email, social media, and standard mail channels.

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Built For


No matter what channel your customers choose, they are connected to the best qualified agent in a single intelligent and unified queue. This allows our staff of expert agents to provide the highest level of quality assurance, while delivering consistent and accurate information with the utmost efficiency. The team at Customer Direct prides itself on being a boutique outsourcing company that builds custom solutions for unique brands. We take the time to learn and understand your business to develop streamlined processes that increase accuracy and productivity while delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Contact us for pricing.

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