Business Platform Management

Never Worry About Accessibility or Availability

Providing Dependable Systems & Technology

Customer Direct’s business program management platform is focused on providing the most consistent and reliable service on the market. We know accessibility and availability are of paramount importance when handling customer service interactions. Rest easy knowing our systems are engineered with cloud-based redundancies, backup systems for power and internet access, and location diversity to ensure the highest performance and continuity of service.

Customer Direct’s technical engineers work with your team to set up and integrate all systems required to build your strategic workflow. Whether it’s developing a sophisticated call routing strategy or providing API integration with our proprietary interaction workflow tool, no detail will be overlooked. Our cloud-based omnichannel platform ensures that your brand is able to communicate seamlessly across every channel and in every interaction.

Our years of experience in communication have given us a unique advantage in developing streamlined processes and state-of-the-art software. Customer Direct offers this intuitive technology and systems integration at an affordable price by leveraging the high cost of software, engineering and infrastructure over our large customer base.

RespOrg Service RespOrg Service

You don’t need to worry about managing toll-free numbers for call volume and cost efficiencies. Make us your RespOrg and we’ll do it for you.

Telecom Strategy Telecom Strategy

Our technical engineers can build and streamline a system to fulfill all of your communication needs with the highest rate of efficiency and accuracy.

Systems & Software Integrations Systems & Software Integrations

No matter what software your company uses, we integrate agent access to your systems, and provide data integration through our powerful API.

Workflow API Workflow API

Take advantage of the power of our proprietary workflow application to build consistent quality into your customer interactions, and capture every piece of valuable data about the customer experience.

Backups & Redundancies Backups & Redundancies

Making sure your contact center stays online is priority number one. We have several redundancies and backup systems in place to ensure continuity of service.

Built On

Our Proven Process

Providing exceptional customer interactions and genuine brand experiences means being available whenever your customers need assistance. Having a dependable system and efficient processes in place ensures that with every interaction you are building trust and brand equity, as well as creating brand advocates.

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