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Our Focus

At Customer Direct, we help your brand build customer loyalty and retention by improving every aspect of the customer experience.  One factor that can undermine customer experience is to force your customer to wait on hold to speak with an agent.  Did you know, according to a Google survey, that 60% of customers think 1 minute on hold is too long to wait? It’s true.

Improved Customer Experience

One of the many exciting technologies that Customer Direct offers is a virtual callback feature.   This feature is designed to improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with the option to hold their place in line.  Once an agent is available, they will receive a callback to a number of their choosing.  This allows the customer to carry on with whatever else they need to do while still receiving the quickest possible customer service.  It says to the customer, “We respect your time”, and is the sincerest “Thank you for your patience” you can offer. 

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Recent data actually shows that 75% of customers prefer this option as opposed to waiting on hold.  In fact, providing this option significantly reduces call abandonment rates!  Our Clients who have implemented the callback feature have experienced reduced abandonment rates by up to 30%.  Additionally, they have seen a 5% improvement in customer satisfaction rating. 

Don’t Waste Any More Time

In today’s world, everyone is busy, and their time is incredibly valuable.  Let this be a meaningful way to communicate to your customers that you value and respect their time; that you appreciate their business.  We want to help you convey that message. Contact us about implementing the callback feature for your business today!

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