Customer Care Outsourcing

An Impact With Every Customer Experience

CALL CENTER Deliver Genuine Brand Experiences

At Customer Direct, we understand that every interaction has an impact on the way customers perceive your brand. A single customer interaction can mean the difference between a one-time customer and lifelong brand advocate.

When you outsource customer service to Customer Direct, we work with you to provide the best call center services including business process outsourcing (BPO), business intelligence, and business platform management. When it comes to customer care, our expert support reps work hard to learn and understand your brand’s unique voice and its offerings. This ensures we deliver genuine brand experiences with the same passion and expertise as your own team.

No matter if you are a large e-commerce corporation or a small business, we give you the personalized care and attention you deserve.


Complete Omnichannel Solutions

Our omnichannel platform includes voice, email support, chat support, text, and social media. No matter what channel your customer base chooses, they are connected to the best qualified support agent in a single intelligent and unified queue. This allows our staff of expert customer service agents to provide the highest level of customer care, while delivering consistent and accurate information with the utmost efficiency.


Customer Care Customer Care

Supporting customers across a wide variety of industries with answering services tailored to your business needs.

Central Reservations Central Reservations

Our customer service reps handle central reservations for hotels, resorts, and vacation rental properties.

Tech Support Tech Support

Advances in tech often add another level of complexity. Our support ensures people can get back to enjoying the benefits of innovation.

Sales Order Processing Sales Order Processing

Our extensive sales training program allows us to become the experts in your products and services.

Lead Tracking Management Lead Tracking Management

From capturing contact information to converting the sale, our team helps you drive revenue.

Subscriber/Member Support Subscriber/Member Support

Focus on delivering a great product or service. Let our team manage the day-to-day needs of your subscribers or members.

Customer Surveys & Analytics Customer Surveys & Analytics

Call center outsourcing allows you to gain customer insights and metrics with custom phone surveys.

Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling

Increase your productivity by letting our team schedule your customers’ appointments and events.

Guest Relations Guest Relations

The perception of your brand is impacted by your guests’ experiences. Let’s turn those guests into brand advocates today.

Loyalty Programs Loyalty Programs

Start a new program, and we’ll support it with new member enrollment, membership rewards, and member support.

Upsell Opportunities Upsell Opportunities

Our customer care specialists have the skills to tailor our sales process around your unique marketing program.

Backorder/Returns Backorder/Returns

Don’t get bogged down by backorders and returns. Let us handle them so you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

The choice between a full-time, in-house customer support team and outsourced call center could be the difference between “just good” service or great customer satisfaction with every call.
Customer support outsourcing is beneficial for many reasons beyond just the cost savings. Partnering with a company like Customer Direct can help launch your customer experience offerings into the new age. Find out how below:

Optimize the Customer Experience Journey

We understand that many brands need to be focused on other business objectives, but this sometimes comes at the expense of customer service after a sale—yet customers are increasingly looking at CX as a differentiator. Their experience from beginning to end reflects on your brand as a whole, which is why you need to find a customer service provider who lives and breathes customer experience.

At Customer Direct, we leverage both digital and next-gen strategies. We only hire world-class associates so that you can deliver human empathy along with the latest technology in the most cost-effective manner.

Handle Customer Interactions Quickly and Efficiently

In this world of instant-gratification, the marketplace now demands support on every channel, in any language, and at any time. Associates have to either meet these expectations or risk a disconnected and frustrating customer experience. As an outsourcer in all types of industries, Customer Direct has resources available anywhere you need to be! We have the technology, physical space, and staff ready for your seasonal and ongoing support needs—all at a lower cost to you!

Avoid Worrying About Staff Turnover

It’s challenging and costly to find staffing in today’s contact center industry where turnover is notoriously high. In many cases, the employees you hire might not have the right skill set for the job. Let us worry about call center retention while you worry about your core business. We understand the skills and personality types that work best in these types of roles and can find the right brand ambassadors to represent your business in the best possible way.

Build Brand

Our Proven Process

We strive to cultivate a culture of kindness and curiosity, providing our agents with an environment where genuine customer service is just second nature. Our training and education platforms provide our agents with the kind of expert knowledge and genuine passion that helps build brand equity and brand advocates with every interaction.

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