Turning Website Visitors into Revenue Opportunities

By capturing detailed information about every Chat user’s unique interaction, Customer Direct was able to easily identify key guest issues and interests, providing insight on how to better serve their needs.



Millennials are quickly becoming the nation’s largest consumer group, driving the evolution of communication with new demands for a tech-savvy, digital marketplace. According to recent surveys, the majority of Millennials prefer less formal communication when connecting digitally; this includes popular communication platforms such as Google’s Hangouts, Social Media Channels, text messaging, and group messaging platforms. Moreover, as website usage continues to be the primary source of product information, potential customers are self-educated with a wider scope of information during the buying process.

With the proliferation of social channels, website customers have an ever-growing number of communication outlets to meet their consumer needs, with Live Chat continuing to become a popular, easy, and versatile way to connect while keeping up with a busy lifestyle.

By providing an effective Live Chat solution, potential customers can be engaged as they seek product information via mobile websites. Additionally, Live Chat currently has the highest satisfaction rating in the consumer industry, ranking at 73%.


Similarly, in the Hospitality Industry, securing a booking has become one of the highest dispositions within Live Chat users, coming in at nearly 36% of total chat users. Driving this figure are several factors, the most prominent being the speed of answer and the ability of the Guest to multitask during the interaction.

Now, more than ever, it is important for hotels and resorts to have the ability to engage guests digitally; providing convenient methods for potential Guests to book a stay, confirm a reservation, join loyalty programs or inquire about property and amenity features.


Recommendations / Results

Recently, Customer Direct implemented a Live Chat solution for one of its hospitality clients, with a portfolio of over 200 properties.

By positioning a Live Chat feature on the brand’s corporate website, Customer Direct was able to engage over 7,000 website visitors during the initial pilot program.

Converting 22% of those interactions into booked reservations, the Chat feature effectively widened the brand’s opportunity to interact with potential Guests and capture new revenue.



Moreover, of the 7,000+ Chat users, nearly 40% of the dispositions were general inquiries about each property. By capturing detailed information about every Chat user’s unique interaction, Customer Direct was able to identify what the Guests were searching for, providing insight on how to better serve their needs. By engaging these website visitors with a quick, convenient Chat tool, website visitors are able to connect with the brand, and quickly find what they are looking for.

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