Develop a Reputation for the Best Customer Service

As millennial consumers become the driving force of the economy, the expectations for guest experiences are changing drastically. The old standard of lavish interiors, chocolate on a pillow, or a helpful bellhop are no longer the only hallmarks of a great hotel experience. These days, a successful hotel or resort must strive to provide an unforgettable guest experience through convenience, simplicity, and a personalized touch.

Developing a reputation for the best customer service is the fastest way to gain customer loyalty. Hotels that will create customer loyalty with a new generation of guests will do so by focusing more on travelers needs and less on the excess or amenities that have characterized the industry in the past. These hotels can do this by, first and foremost, listening to their guests.


Listen to Guest Feedback

Not just mints on pillows. Hotel and revenue managers need to understand what guests really want in order to provide them with a great experience. It sounds pretty simple, but when was the last time you engaged your guests to get their feedback? Having a plan for collecting and analyzing customer feedback is the best way to ensure that you are fulfilling their needs.


Educate Hotel Staff

Your staff plays a pivotal role in delivering an unforgettable guest experience. It’s important that they are well trained and that their training is continually updated and reinforced. Empower your staff to engage in discussions with guests and thereby give them the ability to solve problems and provide customized service in real time.


Utilize Technology to Give Guests Control

Most people, especially consumers, want to feel like they are in control of their situation. They don’t want to be reliant on other people to get what they want. Utilizing technology and automation to provide simple solutions to guest needs like booking, making dinner reservations, or checking in and out makes their lives easier and reduces wait times. This also frees up staff time, allowing them to focus on being there when guests want or need a personal interaction.


Have a Blended Guest Experience Strategy

Creating customer loyalty is more often done on a personal level and is something that can very rarely be done with technology alone. Too much technology can be a hindrance, especially when dealing with less tech-savvy travelers. The best hotels often have technology do the heavy lifting and provide a staff for when personal touches are needed.


Make it Personal

Hospitality industry leaders are constantly looking for ways to engage guests on a personal level. Customer loyalty emerges from an emotional connection to your brand. Get to know your guests. Go above and beyond to form relationships with regular customers. Greet your regular guests in a special way, and send them off with a fond farewell with an invitation to come back again, of course. Attention to small details, recognition, and giving appreciation are the best ways to connect with guests on a personal level.

Even the most modest hotel can provide their guests with an unforgettable experience that will give them the reputation and brand loyalty they need to fill their bookings on a regular basis. It all comes to down to understanding and getting to know guests, hotel staff education, using technology to enhance the guest experience rather than create it, and making a personal connection.

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