Three Unexpected Ways to Capture Customer Data

Thanks to technological advances, businesses have more access to data than ever before. But are you capturing all the data you can from your customers? There may be key moments during customer interactions that you can glean additional information. Keep in mind these three points when you analyzing and capture customer data.

1. For every question customers ask, be ready to ask them a question as well.

Customers are primed to get a question answered or a concern addressed and then continue on with their day. Take the time you have with them to gain the information you’re looking to address as well. If a client mentions a specific product or service, have your customer service agents take a moment to ask why they selected that product or service. These individual data points can help clarify why customers are choosing your brand or service rather than the competition.

2.  Figure out their buying profile.

Tracking interactions with customers help you to understand what certain customers are looking for. Do they contact the company primarily with issue-based inquiries? Are they calling more often around a specific time frame or season? Can you sort customer queries in terms of levels of frequency or intensity? If so, you can create a tiered system of intervention to make sure your customers get the very best service possible.

3. Don’t just problem-solve: engage.

Once you have separate customer profiles, automation or agent scripts can allow you to make customers aware of new products and services, special offers, or other opportunities. Customers may not think to be engaged with you on social media or to keep up with website updates, but automated messages can make them aware of company news when they choose to interact with you.


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