Customer Service Sales: Having A Good Customer Experience Drives Growth

Customers come to a company for a specific product or service, but they stick with a brand because of the experience they have with it. It is essential continuously develop your customer experience to maximize the potential of customer service sales.

Think about eating at your favorite restaurant. There’s a ton of places you can get a good hamburger for around the same price point, so what makes a difference in your decision making? If the products are comparable, the difference will be in the level of connection you feel at either place. This is intuitive but essential: Polite, helpful, positive human interactions enhance the perceived appeal of the product or service offered.

And that idea is backed by research. Customers report that they are willing to pay more simply for a better customer experience.

Even if the product or service is similar in every other way, positive interactions with a brand will tip the scales in a customer’s mind.

In fact, by 2020, customer experience is predicted to overtake both price and product in determining how consumers differentiate between brands.

So how can you improve the experience your customers have? Even if your product or service is one of the best in your industry, customers crave positive interactions with your organization. The best way to ensure this happens is to provide multiple touch points for customers, each one an opportunity for a positive connection.

But multiple interactions with consumers aren’t helpful unless your team is trained to provide exceptional customer service. Each conversation in any type of channel needs to provide a consistent message and tone that reflects the brand.

The statistics featured in this article can be found at superoffice.com and walkerinfo.com.


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