Hire Customer Service Agents To Fit The Changing Job Market

Traditional employment is just that: traditional. If you’re looking to hire customer service agents to grow your team, then you may have to consider more innovative solutions. In the growing gig economy, workers are often looking for flexible employment. With more workers using a combination of jobs to support themselves financially, there’s an uptick in workers available for customer service jobs — especially if they can work from home.

Customer Service is Changing

The rise of gigging — working a combination of jobs rather than one —  spells opportunity for customer service teams. Technology allows agents to work from home, raising worker satisfaction and engagement. Plus, productivity numbers rise. Travel website CTrip allowed some of their workers to work remotely on a regular basis. They found a 13.5 percent increase in calls made compared with office workers — the equivalent of a full day’s work. A ConnectSolutions study also found that 77% of workers get more done in fewer hours thanks to fewer distractions like meetings, conversations, and noisy coworkers.

The statistics featured in this article can be found at chiefexecutive.com.

Providing Flexible Employment

At Customer Direct, we increase agent productivity by offering modern, flexible employment for our teams. Our benefits keep workers happy — and keep them focused on providing superior service for our clients. Contact us today to start providing your customers with incredible service. Let us take care of finding your dream team so you can focus on growing your business. Fill out the form below or contact us to help us build your team.

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