Unique Approach, Personal Touch, Client Specific

At Customer Direct, our passion is solving problems. Understanding this passion and our underlying desire to help others is what fuels our culture. Whether it be tailoring services to meet a Client’s needs, or even referring that Client to a competitor that is a better fit, our practice has always been building and sustaining relationships that foster strong business partnerships. Just as we wish to succeed, we take responsibility for our success hinging on the success of our Clients. Many times over this ideal has been tested; most recently with a long time client of more than six years.

As a result of a merger and planned expansion, this tenured client of our Technical Support Services recently discontinued services effective September 1st. However, late in the day on Thursday, September 3rd, that same group experienced a telecommunications outage that rendered their newly established call routing changes ineffective, cutting off their ability to provide technical support for their Customers.

With one call to Olin Peters, Director of Client Relations, the Customer Direct team was quickly able to reinstate the account, configure the call routing and provide the technical support required. Moreover, Olin and his team provided support throughout the busy holiday weekend, until the Client was able to recover from the outage on the following Tuesday, September 8th.

Receiving praise, Olin and his team were described as, “…extraordinary. [Customer Direct] came to our aid today with no push back…the loss of all of our recent routing changes could have been disastrous if we had not been able to have CD support our customers on literally a moment’s notice.” Utilizing the relationship built over years with Customer Direct, this Client’s customers were supported that same day simply because there was a need, and Customer Direct was in a position to provide help.

This story is what drives the culture here at Customer Direct. Through helping others we build better relationships, ones that last into the future, far beyond any service contract. I am proud to have this level of service being offered by our company. There is nothing quite like these types of accolades from a long time Client.” – Rob Nolan, CEO

The Customer Direct culture builds from 27 Simple ideas that lead to our collective success, called the Customer Directives. As Directive #1 states, “Always do what’s best for the customer. In all situations, serve the best interests of our customers. We succeed only if our customers succeed.” We are not here to merely “turn a quick buck.” Whether potential clients or partners, current customers, or past business partnerships, the relationship that is built with Customer Direct is one that will last; and one that can be trusted.

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