Bilingual Call Center

Customer support services as diverse as your business.

Since 1997, Customer Direct has provided English, Spanish, and live translation services for businesses wishing to engage with their customers from all over. We have live bilingual agents on staff that deliver sales, customer care, technical support and back-office operations via voice, chat, email, social media, and standard mail channels. Throughout the U.S. and the world, we serve industries of all kinds, including hospitality, IT, retail/e-commerce, healthcare, and publishing.

Live Bilingual Customer Service Representatives 24/7

The need for excellent customer service is critical to a company’s success; therefore, if you want to gain a foothold in your market as well as equally serve every customer, you need to provide bilingual language services. Speaking to customers in their native language can help close sales, ease tensions, and build loyal relationships.

When you partner with Customer Direct, we can route call traffic to a customer service representative on our team that speaks their language or expertly uses translation services to communicate and resolve their customer issues. Regardless of the time of day, Customer Direct acts as a natural extension of your business, providing excellent customer service that reinforces the quality of your brand.

Why are Bilingual Call Center Services Necessary?

To some companies, the language of business is just dollars and cents, but to Customer Direct, it’s also about actual language! In an increasingly diverse business environment, you have to speak the language of your clientele in order to deliver the best customer service experience possible. Not only can it foster brand new business relationships, but it can also strengthen existing ones and increase overall customer retention.

Call centers should do their best to serve all customers in their preferred language. It’s not only vital to remain competitive in the global marketplace but in maintaining customer satisfaction. Here are a just a few reasons why a bilingual call center is necessary for your company:

Expand business opportunities

Think about your customer support efforts this way: if you’re only able to speak to some of your customers, you’re missing out on countless business opportunities. For example, you might be overlooking a large portion of your customer base if you do not offer Spanish-speaking call center agents. As the second most commonly spoken language in the U.S. and representing a multi-million dollar consumer market, bilingual Spanish call centers help your business tap into a growing market!

Improve your overall call center experience

Being able to talk to someone in their preferred language is much appreciated and can enhance your customer satisfaction immensely. For instance, when a Spanish speaker dials your contact center, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an option to speak to a call center representative in their preferred language. This option, in turn, eases their trepidations and makes them more likely to have a good experience with your company. The impact of such a moment cannot be undersold. You’re not just connecting with people linguistically—you’re creating lifelong customers through authentic conversation and culture.

Increased Productivity

Customers who can’t speak English as their primary language might have trouble communicating their issues to a sales representative. This not only causes inbound calls to last two to three times longer than they should but can also make the customer frustrated and ruin the business relationship. Longer calls translate to lost productivity and higher monthly billing. By opening up your customer communication channels, you can get to resolutions faster and your growth goals become more attainable.

It’s the “New Norm”

As the U.S. grows more and more diverse, bilingual marketplaces are the “new norm” of everyday business. Most businesses are already offering these services, so providing this for your customers is becoming expected; it will also make your business appear more professional and your clients feel more comfortable contacting you for everything they need. This comfort level leads to greater customer confidence, more business, and better future relationships. With help from Customer Direct’s bilingual call center, your business will never miss a beat!

Why Outsource to Customer Direct?

You don’t need to be limited by staffing, space, and language barriers. Customer Direct helps leverage our considerable business process outsourcing (BPO) capability with the accessibility of bilingual call center services to deliver exceptional results for small, medium, and large businesses across the globe—but that’s far from the only benefit of working with us! In addition to 24/7 service, you’ll receive access to an entire suite of management tools. Allow us to handle customer service calls on your behalf, expertly answer questions about your products, increase lead generation through cross-selling and up-selling, help resolve customer complaints, and provide feedback so that you can improve your service offering.

We strive to cultivate a call center environment of kindness and curiosity, in which genuine customer service is just second nature. Our training and education platforms provide our customer service team with the kind of expert knowledge and genuine passion that helps build brand equity and loyal advocates with every interaction. Contact us for pricing or to see how we can help enhance your customer connections through language.

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